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About Photographers Index

Find Photographer talent quickly, worldwide. Photo Buyers from Paris France to New York City, and from Los Angeles to Melbourne, benefit from the quick access to photography talent that the global search capabilities of PhotographersIndex.com provides. An advertising Art director in London can find a Chicago photographer or an architectural Photographer in Houston, Texas, Singapore, or Zurich, Germany. Or a fashion Photographer in Paris, France or Milan, Italy. Or even Bozeman, Montana if needed. With 20,000 photographers listed in the photography directory you can find the photographer you need, any where on the globe. Anywhere you want.

Originally, Photographers index was set up for high end commercial and advertising photographers who create the photographic images used in high end advertising, industry, and corporate use. The goal was to list every photographer in the world so that users of photography could find the photographers whose work they wanted to publish, even if they only had a copyright notice or credit line to find them.

The photographers Index directory has grown to include local photographers as well, and photographers Index became a popular photo directory for buyers to find photographers for photo assignments. The global search returns the top photographers that match the photographer search criteria entered by the photo buyer. And it finds photographers very fast.